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What is NINJA?

Your NEW #1 MMA
Pre-Workout/Competition Elite Performance Supplement!

Ninja is clinically supported science that has been used by Pro-Athletes for over 7 years. Active compounds in the patent pending Ninja matrix have been cited in over 5,000 peer reviewed research journal articles. Just 1 of the over 40 compounds in Ninja has demonstrated in a controlled, double-blind randomized clinical study to dramatically improve neuropsychological parameters (alertness, focus, concentration, mental clarity, memory and mood).*

GUARANTEED to be the
You ever used!

How does Ninja help me?

Just add NINJA - #1 MMA Supplement! It's Simple!

Ninja was designed to potentiate anabolic and psychological physiology to the point of superhuman responses when training at advanced levels. The end result is a freakish unparalleled competitive edge so advanced that the limits of Ninja haven't yet been challenged.
If you're a serious athlete who's training to gain a serious competitive edge fast as possible, or if you're an advanced or pro-athlete that's already competing at a super-high level of competition, Ninja is a must for you. Use it once, and you'll never train without it.

Performance Enhancing Results!

NINJA -The Next Generation in Sport's Supplements!

Ninja Sport Supplement

  • Laser FOCUS
  • Animalistic STRENGTH
  • Unceasing ENDURANCE
  • Dominating ENERGY
  • Lightening RESPONSE

The World's 1st & ONLY Nano-Lipid Neural Adaptogen!

Improve your Workout & Competition performance with Ninja.* Ninja is an independent clinically tested performance enhancing dietary supplement scientifically engineered by physicians to quickly optimize neurotransmitter levels.* This is achieved with using Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients in a PATENT PENDING NANO-LIPID EXTREME MULTI-ACTION EXTENDED RELEASE TECHNOLOGY PROPRIETARY BLEND (up to 98% Bio-Available), which has a prolonged effect of 4 - 8 hours following each dosage.*
Our team of physicians and scientists know what nutrients & performance enhancing compounds advanced athletes need to perform at ELITE LEVELSso they decided to put them all in one place and have them saturate your body through a unique, bio-available delivery system! No hassles, No confusion, just one product to take! But there is one reason other companies have never done thisvery little margin for us! We rely on our athletes' results and loyalty to stay in business, and word of mouth to grow!

1 Pre-Workout Supplement
to satisfy ALL your Needs!

What other MMA athletes are saying about NINJA?

I won my last fight by Knockout!

Ninja has made me a new fighter. I won my last fight by Knockout! I started taking Ninja prior to every workout in the gym and every MMA workout. Almost immediately I could feel that my strength was increasing and so was my endurance. Within weeks I could see myself getting harder and tighter. At 6 weeks my physique looked almost totally transformed!

Nick T. - Dallas, TX.

All the guys in my fight gym are asking me if I am using Steroids!

I have spent the past 15 years doing Wrestling and MMA. I have tried a lot of supplements in that time. Do you want to know one thing these all had in common? After taking them, I got jittery, nervous, and most certainly lost my ability to really focus. On the mats or in the ring when taking those products I quickly lost my head, then my stamina followed, and before you know it I was making a wrong step and getting booted in the head or out of shear loss of focus would be lunging myself into a bad position. After taking Ninja, one thing was drastically different. If I had to some it up into one word I would say, concentration. I know you guys call it focus, but whatever you call it, I just feel so sharp when taking Ninja. Because my ability to have great workouts and focus has been so greatly improved, all the guys around me think my speed and strength has also improved! At nearly 30 I have all the guys in my fight gym are asking me if I am using Steroids! I love it!!

Mike K. Chicago, IL.

It's crazy, I feel so refreshed after drinking the stuff!

I never believe the hype when a new MMA supplement or Bodybuilding product comes out but I was lucky enough to get "Ninja" on its pre release/testing phase. Because it was the pre-release you all were offering a money back guarantee (which you should keep doing for people like me). The guarantee was the only reason I even bought. Ninja I do not believe is a magic bullet, but it helped me tons! It is not like I turned into "Bones" Jones overnight, but I did see immediate effects on my energy levels, focus, and strength. I have never tasted a better flavored powdered drink. I mix this stuff in water or OJ and it is smoother then anything else on the market. It's crazy, I feel so refreshed after drinking the stuff. Maybe one day Z-Elite will create a drink that comes with a little umbrella even.

Andy S. - Kansas City, MO.

It is almost like my hands are in fast forward!

The surge of energy was the first thing I noticed. It came on almost like a tidal wave. The energy was not the thing that made Ninja better then other products I had used in the past though. It is the fact that I just always feel in the zone when I work out with Ninja, no matter the day or time. Plus I just feel clear minded while having this surge of energy. My speed has dramatically improved. My punches and kicks just flow so effortlessly it amazes me every time I spar or just work the bags. It is almost like my hands are in fast forward.

Adam G. Los Angeles, CA.

Ninja is amazing in so many ways!

I started taking Ninja in hopes that my energy levels would increase. Check that one off the list cause I can get 3 hours of sleep and still train like a beast come morning. I can now get on the mat for a whole hour and a half session and might stop now and then to grab a sip of Ninja. Being the fastest handed guy in my gym was always an advantage, but now it looks like I am fighting children! No offense to all you slow guys!!! I just want to tell you about a crazy bonus that I got out of Ninja that I never could have even dreamed. Not only did I last longer in the ring, I even started lasting longer in bed. HAHA! Ninja is amazing in so many ways; it has way over delivered in every aspect!

Frank G. New York, NY.

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14 Reasons to make NINJA your NEW #1 Sports Supplement!

Features of Ninja Sport Supplement

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Unconditional 60-Day Risk FREE 200%/DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee

Try Ninja for at least 7 days straight and if you are a Liar, we mean, if Ninja isn't the best supplement you ever used, simply return it for a prompt and courteous refund of your full purchase price, PLUS an additional 100% on top of that, even if you used the entire bottle, NO questions asked

Designed with clinically supported science and research

Our team of physicians and scientists have used over 30 years of hands on clinical and laboratory experience to design this nano-lipid neural adaptogen*

World's 1st and ONLY Patent Pending Nano-Lipid Neural Adaptogen

This breakthrough multi-action extended release technology not only allows for pro-longed effects of 8 hours or more, but also allows for an up to 98% bio-availability of the pharmaceutical grade active compounds*

Clinically tested on athletes by our team of physicians

Not only has this formula been designed using clinically supported science and research, but our team of physicians have also conducted independent clinical trials on 1000's of amateur & pro-athletes the last 7 years, which revealed dramatic peak performance enhancements in: Focus, Motivation, Response & Reaction Times, Strength & Lean Muscle, Sustained Energy, Cardiovascular Endurance, Fat Loss and Recovery Times*

Immediate Results Guaranteed for every user

Because of the unique release technology and scientifically engineered combination of active compounds in this product, you will not only get pro-longed effects, but also immediate effects in less than 1 minute after your first dose you do NOT need to take this product for weeks or months to experience results*

Optimization of Testosterone and Growth Hormone levels

When optimization and re-balancing of the precursor neurotransmitter levels occur, a natural cascade of optimization of testosterone and growth hormone levels will also occur through the regulation of the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) and HPG (hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal) axis' active properly dosed compounds in this product and neuro-chemicals produced are known poteniators for testosterone and growth hormone release*

Dramatically increased sex-drive

As a bonus effect, once neurotransmitter levels remain optimized, hormone levels will regulate and optimize too, causing peak levels of sexual function and desire*

Rapid recovery times

Although this product was designed for pre-workout/competition performance enhancing effects, contained active compounds allow for rapid decrease in lactic acid levels and rapid increase in muscle repair, which enables users to have longer and more frequent workouts equaling rapid gain in peak performance levels never attained or challenged before*

NO CHEAP Filler Ingredients

This product does NOT contain cheap bulk filler ingredients that can be purchased from any bulk website like: NO2 - arginine derivatives, Creatine derivatives, L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, etc.

NO Caffeine or Other Harmful Stimulants

This product does NOT contain harmful and potentially competition banned stimulants like: caffeine, ephedrine, ephedra, ma huang, yohimbine, 1,3 dimethylamylamine (also known as: DMAA, Germanamine, Geranium Robertianum), etc.

NO Performance Inhibiting Ingredients

This product contains: NO Sugar (zero sugar in Ninja), NO Artificial Sweeteners, NO Artificial Colors or Flavorings or NO other artificial or performance inhibiting ingredients

100% LEGAL

This product contains NO ingredients listed on the Banned Substance lists of: WADA (World Anti-Doping Code/Association), IOC (International Olympic Committee) or the NCAA

Ninja is manufactured in an innovative R&D and manufacturing facility

In addition to verified 3rd party product purity inspection, this FDA-registered facility boasts a multi-million dollar R&D in house laboratory, adheres to meeting or exceeding current pharmaceutical standards of good manufacturing practices throughout all its operations and co-operates with the world's most prestigious universities and private research institutions in order to always deliver the most superior, highest quality product*

Saves you time and money

Satisfy ALL your pre-workout/competition nutritional & performance enhancing needsand then some, by taking just this 1 product for only $1.25 per serving (workout/competition) this is half the price of a sugar filled /caffeinated/chemical filled energy drink or energy shot, plus you also get all the FREAKISH Performance Enhancing added benefits of NINJA

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Pre-Workout Supplement Comparison Chart


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What does the NINJA Clinical Research Trial Reveal?

Preliminary Results of a Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Study Evaluating Neurotransmitter Levels with Urinary ELISA testing methodology after Nano-Lipid Neural Adaptogen (Ninja) Oral Administration.

What are Neurotransmitters?

Neurotransmitters are recognized as the primary biochemical messengers of the central and peripheral nervous systems, which activate nerve receptors for a desired outcome for regulation of all the body systems' functions. Neurotransmitters are depleted with stress (i.e. exercise induced stress) and can only be restored to peak performance with precise nutritive bio-chemical building blocks.

Urinary ELISA testing methodology has clearly established rapid and long term optimization or increase in neurotransmitter levels with Ninja usage. This oral nano-lipid neural adaptogen offers the first hope of naturally and conveniently sustaining athletic peak performance levels of major neurotransmitters (Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Serotonin, Glycine, GABA, Glutamate and PEA).


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